Juniper Networks Unveils Advanced Anti-Malware Cloud Service, Security Management and the Latest Firewalls to Protect Cloud-Enabled Enterprise Networks

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SUNNYVALE, Calif. -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Juniper Networks (NYSE:JNPR), the industry leader in network innovation, today announced advanced anti-malware with zero-day threat protection from the cloud, redesigned security management and the latest firewalls for enterprise campus and branch networks, as part of its new Juniper Networks® Unite architecture . The latest security solutions include Juniper Networks® Sky Advanced Threat Prevention , Junos® Space Security Director and Juniper Networks® SRX Series Services Gateways to provide customers with the sophisticated threat protection, security management, automation and scale needed to defend against threats at any point in the network without hindering network performance. These advancements will deliver better visibility to the network through a simplified, intuitive management platform, as well as ensure pervasive, dynamic threat protection with intelligence from the cloud that is automatically distributed across SRX firewalls within the enterprise.
Implementing an active plan to thwart cyber risks is no longer an option for enterprises—it is a necessity—as companies face more sophisticated threats that are capable of engineering their way into internal networks by evading many of the traditional security detection methods. Security solutions that only detect known malware and suspicious activity after being compromised are no longer sufficient. Enterprises face increasing demand for access to critical information anywhere from mobile devices and cloud-based applications, which presents new security risks to the network infrastructure. As a result, enterprises need visibility into the entire network with industry-leading threat detection and the ability to enforce policy dynamically and globally. This can be done through a software-defined secure network that brings the visibility and control needed to create a secure network.
Juniper Networks is transforming the way enterprises secure and manage the network with a comprehensive, open and simple approach. This approach enables delivery of an open policy enforcement engine, in which Juniper Networks and third-party feeds can identify threats that are dynamically enforced through the SRX physical or virtual firewalls.
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The new security advancements, available as part of the Juniper Unite architecture , are based on open, dynamic, high-performance threat detection and prevention technologies that establish a comprehensive foundation for secure enterprise networks. The latest cloud service, software and systems security innovations include:
Cutting-Edge Advanced Threat Prevention and Accelerated Speed to Enforcement Juniper Networks is expanding its advanced cloud-based, threat detection and prevention technologies to actively identify and stop attacks in the enterprise. Sky Advanced Threat Prevention defends the enterprise against malware command and control (C&C) threats by automatically screening all downloads and applications prior to allowing them to enter the network. Its unique and industry-leading deception techniques apply to a sandbox environment where malware is forced into making its presence known, enabling Sky Advanced Threat Prevention to adapt and identify new malware in the ever-changing threat landscape. Sky Advanced Threat Prevention will be available in free and premium versions. The free version provides the full suite of anti-malware techniques, including antivirus analysis, as well as static and dynamic sandbox analysis. The premium version also quarantines infected hosts and blocks communication with C&C servers.
Modernized Application Visualization and Simplified Policy Management Significant enhancements to Junos Space Security Director , a network security policy and management platform, allow enterprises to centrally manage the security of the entire network through a fully intuitive, easy-to-use interface and design. It is the first security management product that puts users in control by allowing them to create a dashboard of widgets, reports and alerts with complete data correlation and event details. Increased visibility and control of workflows will provide network security insight, including the ability to identify which users are utilizing certain applications, which threats have been detected, as well as a list of suggested actions for remediation that increase efficiency with real-time delivery.
Industry-Leading vSRX Performance and Expanded SRX Capabilities Juniper Networks is introducing new SRX Series Services Gateways that offer secure routing (VPN) and a next-generation firewall that’s essential to deploying a secure network for campus and branch. The new SRX300 Series will help customers protect branch and small office locations to stay ahead of the latest security challenges with new features and improved network performance. The new SRX1500 includes an advanced, virtualized architecture that enables greater flexibility and programmability for larger enterprise branches or smaller enterprise campuses, offering the best value for growing enterprises. The enhanced SRX Series models will support a modernized on-box UI, making it easier for IT to manage and configure SRX devices for remote branch locations with fewer resources. Juniper Networks® vSRX , the virtual firewall that has full feature parity with SRX Series hardware, now delivers four times the performance in speed with its redesigned software architecture, making it the strongest performing virtual firewall in the industry.
Supporting Quotes
“Business networks are constantly evolving to better meet the demands of BYOD and IoT, opening them up to more threats than ever before. Traditional security solutions are not enough with today’s fast-paced world where there is no time to sacrifice performance or disrupt operations. With the Juniper Unite architecture and enhanced security product portfolio, Juniper Networks is redefining how enterprises are securing their networks with an open, simple and comprehensive approach.” - Jonathan Davidson, executive vice president and general manager, Juniper Development and Innovation, Juniper Networks
“Sophisticated malware threats confront customers on a daily basis, impacting productivity and network performance. Juniper's comprehensive, open and simple approach to securing networks is a breakthrough in threat protection, security management and automation – this is transforming the way we are protecting our clients’ networks.” - Matthew Brennan, president, Virtual Armor
“ESG research shows that security analysts are still collecting threat intelligence using manual processes that don’t scale. Juniper’s threat defense and intelligence services can offer automation, management and scale to help large organizations defend against threats in the network without impeding performance. With this announcement, I believe that Juniper is addressing critical aspects of network security and is using its assets to align threat defenses with threat intelligence.” - Jon Oltsik, senior principal analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group
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